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5 Compelling Reasons Why Customer Retention Needs More Focus



New Year – New Solutions – Oh my!


  Karen Magno, a consultant for Baystate Consulting, CPA and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, shares insights into the best way to streamline the QuickBooks data import and export process when integrating data with a new solution.

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Meetings Better


“Yay, another meeting!” said no one ever.

Why You Need QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud


Do you love QuickBooks Desktop? As in even-better-than-my-first-crush kind of love?

What Are Millennials Looking For In A Workplace?


In 2015, Millennials passed Gen Xers as the largest segment of the working population. Pew Research Center says one in three workers belongs to this generation and it numbers 53.5 million people. That’s too large of a group to ignore.

5 Unusual Ways to Stay Sane During the Busiest Time of the Year


Winter is coming. At least that’s what HBO and George R.R. Martin tell us.

This Is How Your Small Biz Can Compete With the Giants


As a small biz, who are your competitors? Is it the big retail vendor across town? Or is it a ecommerce and shipping giant like Amazon? Maybe it’s both.

Q&A with Jim Wells of LedgerFix: How cloud hosting transformed my business


Jim Wells leads LedgerFix, a Louisville, KY firm that provides accounting assistance to small businesses that use QuickBooks Desktop software.

The Real Value of the Cloud Is Not What You Think


The real value of the cloud is more than you think.. Some think the value is lower capital expenses. Others  believe the value is dropping IT head count. And still, others feel the cloud brings greater security to their business.

How to Keep Phishers and Fakers Out of Your Business


Fraud is big business. Many small businesses falsely believe they are too small to be the target of big-time thieves, but that thinking is incorrect. Symantec reports that 65% of targeted attacks are launched against SMBs with a goal of stealing confidential customer information they can later sell for a hefty profit.