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Parag Mamnani

Parag’s passion for technology comes from hands-on experience in design, development, and marketing of business software. He has led cross-functional teams to deliver software solutions for thousands of e-commerce companies. Parag’s e-commerce expertise, innate leadership skills, and scary-smart business savvy drive Webgility’s growth. Parag began his entrepreneurial journey while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. As a Partner and Head of Technology at the web development startup Gate6, Parag helped grow the company into one of top 5 interactive agencies in Arizona. Parag then joined Amazon.com as Product Management Lead and Evangelist for Amazon WebStore, where he launched the WebStore Developer program and managed Amazon’s largest customer accounts, generating millions in revenue. Now leading the Webgility software solutions company through tremendous growth and development, Parag believes that most business challenges can be solved by looking closely at data. He loves numbers and gets the same rush from looking at a spreadsheet as he does from finding the perfect hot sauce pairing for his lunch.
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How to Embrace the Insanity and Stress of Tax Season

Posted by Parag Mamnani on Mar 6, 2017 9:42:59 AM


Stress is no joke.

The American Psychological Association in their annual Stress in America survey, found the following:

  • Money and work are the two leading causes of stress.
  • Two in five adults have overeaten or eaten poorly in response to stress in the past 30 days.
  • In nearly one-third of adults, stress has a strong or very strong impact on their physical health.
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Top Five Ways to Grow Your Multi-Channel e-Commerce Business

Posted by Parag Mamnani on Dec 3, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Insider tips to help you scale your business, pivot toward omnichannel, and get back to doing what inspires you.

It’s not uncommon for online retailers to have started their business based on a personal passion. Whether that’s luxury baby blankets, soap made to look like bacon, or custom-made surfboards, e-tail entrepreneurs know their market and feel a certain intensity about their products. Unfortunately a marked plunge in that enthusiasm typically happens when owners realize the herculean effort required to increase profits and go omnichannel in an industry that is so disjointed, complex, and fiercely competitive. Most quit before the miracle and countless others suffer in silence under the burden of useless busywork, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Below are five ways multi-channel retailers can simplify their e-commerce business and scale.

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