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Customer Insight: Q&A with Leslie Jorgensen of Supporting Strategies

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Leslie Jorgensen is CEO of Supporting Strategies, a Boston-based firm that delivers bookkeeping and other operational support services for small business clients across the United States. Supporting Strategies has expanded their business using a franchise model. In fact, they currently boast 60 U.S. offices with plans to expand to 100 offices in less than 5 years. Franchisees use the Supporting Strategies platform and team to serve an ever-expanding roster of clients. Their scalable business model has fueled their growth and provides franchisees with automated systems and processes to deliver cost-effective accounting services from anywhere in the country.

Supporting Strategies has been in business since 2004 and a client of Right Networks since 2012. Leslie has been a visionary in her use of virtual offices and cloud technology, using both from the earliest days of her business. In a recent conversation with Leslie, we discussed her thoughts on how remote work and the cloud have transformed how accounting and back office services can be performed.

Q: How important has the virtual workplace been in the growth of your business?

A: From the very beginning, we’ve always used a virtual workplace for our employees. All Supporting Strategies accountants do their client work from a home-based environment. Having a remote environment was critical for us. We were doing this long before there were many cloud productivity tools available. At first, our focus was on making remote work easier for our employees. However, gradually what became more interesting was how it allowed us to tap into a national client base. I think cloud hosting is compelling for our team for sure, but it’s even more compelling for the clients we’re working with. It just opens so many doors for us and them.

Q: How has Right Networks helped you succeed in the virtual workspace?

A: Choosing to work with Right Networks as we expanded the Supporting Strategies franchise was a no brainer. With Right Networks, you get a trifecta of a great price point, reliability, and customer support. They make it easy. With Right Networks, each time we add a user we’re all set. We don’t have to play guessing games about what’s the perfect amount of capacity, like when we paid for server space in the past. With each new user, we put in a service ticket and we’re good. It’s seamless. The user-based pricing model was also important to us since the model is paid per user and per application. It’s a nice lean and mean model that works for everyone involved.

Q: On your website you discuss the many hats that small business owners wear. How does Supporting Strategies help small businesses unload some of their many responsibilities?

A: With Supporting Strategies, small businesses really can take off the whole accounting department hat. To simplify it further, we truly handle the back office of the business. We manage everything from making sure the employees get paid all the way to reviewing financial data so our clients understand how the business is operating. We want our clients to focus on their strategy and core business as opposed to all the back office functions. Right Networks helps us provide that ease of service to our clients.

You can read more about Leslie’s experience in the Supporting Strategies case study.

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